Let’s try something new

When I first decided to make this website, I had dreams of becoming a professional tech blogger. I wanted to break news about tech companies, write reviews on the latest gadgets, and make millions and millions of dollars (Okay, I didn’t expect that but who wouldn’t want millions of dollars?). Amazingly enough, I got a chance to try that. I was writing for a short stint with a major tech blog, I made tons of great contacts, and even made some decent money doing it.
But that’s the funny thing about dreams, sometimes they don’t turn out how you think.

You see, it turns out I don’t really love writing reviews, life hack articles, and all that stuff. I like writing, but it all seemed too forced.

I started adding images to the start of all my blog posts because I was told you get about 67% more click throughs if there’s an image.

But I never liked adding images for no reason.

So I’m not going to anymore.

I think the best thing about chasing a lot of different dreams is not that you learn what you truly love, but what you really don’t love. This has helped me to rule out what I don’t want to do with my life and helps me to understand more what it is I do want.

So Conical is changing.

As I said, this was intended to be a tech blog, but that’s going to change.

This is now an awesome blog.

What’s an awesome blog you ask? Well I’m glad you asked that! You see there’s a lot of things in our world that are awesome. Some of them are gadgets, some are ideas, some are people. I want a place where I can share things I think are awesome.

This is now that place.

There’s still work to be done, so things will be changing around here. Design might change, some content might be different, but that’s okay. Change is good.

I’ll still be posting tech stuff when I feel like it, but that’s no longer the focus.

This is now just Jon Pilon’s blog.


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