My Christmas Apple wish list

Christmas is getting closer and with that, we start to see people looking for wish lists. Whether it’s the latest gadgets or the must have toys, it seems this time of year there is always something someone wants to have or give.

I have a bit of a different wish list this year however. Not one of objects, but of changes I would like to see our favourite company Apple to make in the upcoming year. Who knows, maybe with the new changes in leadership some of this will happen.

Number 1: In app purchase restrictions

This has got to be one of my least favourite moves that Apple has made, and I think many of you will agree with me. I understand Apple taking 30% commission for anything sold directly in an app. Apple provided you with a platform with which to sell your good or service, and would like a cut. What doesn’t make any sense is the “forced” removal of links to websites that feature stores.

I’ve yet to see a single app that had a store switch to selling all of their items into Apple’s in app purchase system. This means the plan didn’t work. It’s time for Apple to eat some crow and just let these companies (I’m looking at you Amazon) put links to their web stores in the app and call it a day.

Number 2: Airplay apps

This one isn’t as much something Apple can do as much developers can, but please bring out some more apps with Apple TV integration like Real Racing 2 and Real Racing 2 HD. If you haven’t played these games and you have an iPhone 4s or an iPad 2 and an Apple TV, stop what you’re doing and buy them. Apps like this are the sole reason I’ve decided to forgo buying a console like Xbox or PS3 as they’re easily good enough for me.

Apple, we all know you have some favourite game developers for the platform so start encouraging them to build these apps. If you’re an indie developer and you’re making apps with this same functionality, tell me and I will buy your app immediately!

Number 3: Stop losing stuff

While I love a good leak, 2 years in a row with a lost prototype just looks bad. It’s hard to talk about these kinds of things with co-workers and not get laughed at trying to figure out a reason.

I’ll even let you in on a great tip here. There’s an app called Find My iPhone (i’ll link to it for you) that even shows you where it is that you left your phone! It’s incredible, I’ve even used it myself.

Number 4: iMessage and Airplay in OS X

Everyone knows that iOS is built on a scaled down version of OS X. So why is it that we can’t have some fantastic features like Airplay Mirroring and iMessage on the Mac too! I understand not being able to put it on older devices due to hardware restrictions, but you cannot truthfully tell me that there is something an iPad 2 can do that my 27″ iMac cannot (other than be carried comfortably in a satchel).

The iCloud integration is fantastic, but you can still do better.


There are many things that Apple could do differently, but these are just a few that I personally would like to see.

What changes would you like to see from Apple? Let me know and leave your wishes in the comments!

Just as a side note, I still will be compiling my annual Geek Gift Guide for the holidays.

Update – FaceTime over 3G

Another one that I was just reminded of (and I’m sure there will be many more) is FaceTime over 3G. When Apple announced FaceTime as a feature, Steve claimed that they were planning to bring FaceTime to 3G but had to do some work with the carriers.

Well they’ve had some time to work, but so far no luck. If you could get me FaceTime for Christmas I’d be very grateful.

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