Review: Glider Gloves

Winters in Canada aren’t a lot of fun. They can be cold, wet, snowy, or all of the above. What makes things worse is when you have a smart phone with a touchscreen. Not being able to respond to texts, send out tweets, or even change songs playing without taking off your gloves can be a real hassle. There are many gloves on the market that attempt to solve this issue, but to date Glider Gloves have been the best solution I’ve tried.

Keeping your hands warm while you use a touchscreen device is quite difficult. Fumbling to take off one glove, while holding your phone in the other can be troublesome, and you really don’t want to drop your phone in the process. This is the issue that Glider Gloves take on.

Glider Gloves are a Canadian company that has built a new style of “touchscreen friendly” gloves that differs from what the competition has on the market.

Many other gloves on the market either have you flip over a cover to allow you to use your thumb and pointer finger, or have a specific tip using a conductive fiber like the Northface E-Tip Gloves. By making the gloves with the conductive thread and  fiber, they remove the need for a special tip.

I received my pair of Glider Gloves about 2 weeks ago, which was great, but at that time we were experiencing some unseasonably warm weather, so I didn’t get a chance to try them out in the elements at first. I did however do some simple tests with them and this is what I found.

So far the best part about the gloves, is that they don’t limit what parts of your hand can interact with your touchscreen. Since the entire glove is conductive, you can use any surface of the glove works on your touch screen. Having each finger able to interact with the screen means that you can use a device like an iPad and type comfortably while wearing the gloves.

The weather finally began to cool off, which meant I was able to field test these gloves to see how well they work during real world use.

The first thing I noticed is that they are in fact really warm. I had previously used the Northface gloves, but they fell short when the temperature fell around the freezing mark. The tips on the finger would really feel the cold. Not with the Glider Gloves though, I was able to pull out my iPhone and easily use it without feeling the cold.

I should note that I had the “Urban” model of the gloves, and not the thicker warmer “Winter” style that Glider Gloves has just released but even still, I found them to be comfortably warm.

The accuracy on the gloves is not perfect, but it is the best that I could expect from gloves as they do make the tips of your fingers wider than they usually are, so you tend to accidentally press things you may not mean to at first. You do, however, get used to it after a day or so.

One complaint I do have about the gloves is the waterproofness.  The Winter Style gloves may solve this but I did notice that water soaked through the gloves very quickly. You won’t want to use these gloves while you’re making a snowman that’s for sure, but that’s not their purpose.

The price of these gloves are also incredibly reasonable. About $25 (CAD) for the Urban Style and $30 for the Winter, which means they’re quite a bit cheaper than the E-Tip gloves, and in my opinion quite a better value.

All in all these gloves work great, and do exactly what they are intended to do. Let you use your touchscreen, and keep your hands warm while doing it.

If there’s anyone on your Christmas list that uses a smartphone, I highly recommend you pick up some Glider Gloves and put a pair in their stocking for them.

You can order the gloves online here, or check your local outdoor outfitters store (like Novack’s here in London!) to see if they carry them.

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