Sometimes, just go it alone…

A couple months back I began the journey in DSLR photography. My wife bought me a Canon Rebel T3 for my birthday and I’ve been loving every minute with it. I immediately began taking photos and playing around with the settings to see what they did, but I’ll be honest, I knew nothing about what I was doing.

So instinctively I asked the people I knew who were more experts on the subject for their advice. Initially this help was great, I learned a lot of the basics of photography and skills I needed to get the photos that I wanted with my camera. This was great.

As time went on I realized I wasn’t able to capture everything I wanted to with  the lens that came with my camera (commonly known as a kit lens I’ve since learned) and I began to look for a new lens, something telephoto. Again, I didn’t know much about the specifics so I started asking around for tips again.

This is where things started going south.

You see the problem when you get beyond the basics of something is everyone has different theories and beliefs as to how things should be done. Some people suggested getting a cheap lens, since I would probably want to upgrade and it would do for a beginner, other’s said to buy the best possible since that’s the most important thing, and it went on from there.

It became overwhelming the number of different opinions there were and I ended up having to ignore most of them.

The thing i started to forget along the way is that I should really just trust myself, even if I wasn’t an expert on the subject. There are a lot of times you should look for the expert opinions, but sometimes you just need to listen to yourself as well.

I ended up going with a mid priced Sigma 50-200mm lens (if you’re interested), which wasn’t really the advice of anyone in particular. It looked to be capable of what I wanted, at a price I could afford, and I’ve been quite happy with it.

So my lesson here is this. While it’s often great to get the advice and opinions of people you trust, never forget about yourself. You know you better than most other people, so sometimes, it’s okay to trust yourself. No matter how strange that may feel.

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