Windows 8 (The brief version)

So, I have gone to the dark side. You see, I’ve been building a gaming PC since just after Christmas, and I figured that would be a good time to test out Windows 8. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the OS but I wanted to give it a shot for a month.

I’m happy to say, it has been a great experience.

The Pros…

So right of the bat, I have to say I love the new start menu. The “Metro” UI, even though we’re not supposed to call it that, is fantastic the way they’ve set it up. Using it as an alternative to that start menu is great. I’m happy they don’t require the whole desktop experience to be in this mode as well (though I’m baffled why they don’t force it for tablets).

As well the OS itself is extremely stable, which is strange for me to say about Windows. Even the progress bars make a lot more sense.

Furthermore, Microsoft seems to have gone to great lengths to make the OS prettier. It’s very different from OS X, but this is the first version of Windows that I believe is on the same level of style that Apple has. Everything makes sense together.

The Cons…

It’s not a perfect operating system however and there are a number of issues I have with it. The first major one is with my favourite feature, the new Start Menu.

The issue with it is that something’s run in the new mode, some in the old mode, and they don’t always play nice. The best example of this is with Internet Explorer.

There are 2 versions of IE on the computer. One that’s Metro, and one that runs from the desktop. These 2 versions run as 2 completely different versions, and don’t talk to each other at all, which is extremely confusing.

In the same vein settings for the computer are equally as confusing. Some are in Metro mode, some are in the traditional control panel.

All in all, I am really enjoying Windows 8 as my primary home operating system right now. I wouldn’t give up Mac completely as there are way too many functions I still love about the Mac that I just can’t give up. But I do believe having access to both is great, even just for the number of games alone.

So in conclusion i have to say: “Thank you Microsoft for making an OS that doesn’t make me want to hurt myself anymore.”

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