Yet another relaunch

So I seem to keep doing this, but I’ll try to stop. I think I’ve finally settled on how I want this website to work. I’ll be sticking with the same content as before, but I’ve switched platforms and it’s time for a relaunch.

I liked my time with WordPress, it taught me a lot about PHP and CSS, but that was the problem, and often is I find with technology, I spent all my time trying to work on the tech itself, and not using the tech for it’s intended purpose – to create.

Being in the field of IT, many people find it odd that I’m a Mac user. Most IT guys are tinkers. They buy a computer or device so they can take it apart and and seeing how they can make it work better, and then take it apart again, constantly tweaking things.

I’m the kind of guy that likes to make more things efficient and easier, but when you spend all your time trying to make things more efficient you’re no longer really being efficient are you? That’s my problem too with task management systems like Omnifocus and the like – I spend more time trying to get the system how I want it than i do the tasks that I’m putting into it.

So I’ve switched to Squarespace. It’s simple, and best of all it’s easy. I’ve settled on a layout I like, and I may switch some colours here and there, but i don’t need to work on the code now to do that.

There’s one thing that Squarespace offers though that never existed on Worpdress though, and for me that makes all the difference in the world.

It makes me want to write again.

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